How GB took the world by storm

At the end of June, the GB Women’s team took British American Football to a whole different level. They were competing at a World Championships, the first British team to ever appear at one, and a team, that at the previous championships four years previously didn’t even exist. continue reading…

How Jay shouldered his way to a whole new sporting career

When Josh Clarke (also known as Jay) suffered a serious shoulder injury seven years ago, the furthest thing from his mind was how he could forge his way into a new sport. But randomly that is exactly what did happen. He was told he could not train or play rugby after a dislocated shoulder and separated AC joint, but before he knew it he was on the path of American Football. continue reading…

Locker Room Chat

Fresh from becoming the fourth ranked team in the World, and the highest ranked outside of North America, GB Women’s captain Phoebe Schecter gives us a fun insight to some of the inside track on the team! continue reading…

When a great tornado burst into Kansas –Oli’s life across sport

While the women’s game may still be in its infancy in the UK, you’d be wrong to think the passion and skill of those involved is small too.

Many people we’ve profiled on the page have almost found the game by accident and this would be the case of our latest blog profile, Oli Davies.

Oli has been in contact sport for a long time, with a huge background in rugby, but spotting a Facebook post about development days has brought her a whole new sport, experience and opportunities. continue reading…

Where desire to play is more important than ability

Ever been in that situation where you’ve seen a tournament but find you haven’t got enough teammates to enter?

If you have, then you may also have come across the Black Widows. No not a group of mourning women but a scratch flag team that is made up of players who want to play but can’t put a team together.

Created by Andrew Gambrill, the GB Women’s Flag Coach, the team came about organically as a number of players approached him ahead of a BAFA women’s flag tournament with exactly that problem. He quickly solved it and the Widows were born. continue reading…

How Naomi jumped to strengthen and support the GB women’s sides

Those familiar with the women’s game in this country will know that it’s a big year for both the padded and flag programs with World and European championships respectively.
While the players will be going through their paces looking for selection, one person who will be helping them along the way and making sure they’re in the best physical condition possible will be their team therapist, Naomi Maycock.

continue reading…

How Ellie danced her way to a different ball

As any of our regular blog readers will know there are many ways our profiled sports stars have made their way into the game.


We all know the importance of good people both on the field and on the sidelines and this latest blog we look at the sports therapist, the person who picks you up, patches you back together and helps you make the most of your time playing!


A strong background in ballet (grade 8 with distinction no less) gives Ellie Travis a lot of strength and poise but at university she also got involved in rowing and kayaking combined with a degree in Sports Therapy and a masters in Strength and Conditioning. And then other opportunities came about. continue reading…

Living the football dream – life at the Pro Bowl

In the week leading up to the Super Bowl attention switches to the Pro Bowl and a celebration of football with the all-star teams of the AFC and NFC.


While much attention is rightly focused on the stars of the NFL game, what many people may not be aware that there is a lot more going on during the week with players coming to compete from all corners of the world.


GB Women’s Captain Phoebe Schecter and GB team mate Oli Davies were the only two British representatives at this year’s Pro Bowl although even how close they got to the action was a little more than even Phoebe expected. We caught up with her on her return to get the inside track on their wonderful week.

continue reading…