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The American Football Giant which certainly isn’t sleeping

October 28th 2007. For many American Football fans based in the UK that day will go down in history as the first time the NFL played a regular season game outside of America.


On that day the Miami Dolphins hosted the New York Giants, with the Giants taking the game 13-10. Now, nine years later, they’re back and are ready to go into battle again, this time at Twickenham.


For Giants fan Keith Burton this will be an occasion he’s been waiting, almost his whole life for, a chance to see his team play live, and less than 50 miles than where he lives. And it’s fair to say, he can’t wait for that day to come.

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Jaguars get their season started with a win in London

It wasn’t always pretty, but yesterday the Jaguars took home team advantage to take their season start to 1-3 and hopefully use London as a springboard to greater success in the NFL this year.

While both teams made mistakes in the early exchanges, it seemed that Colts were the team suffering more with jet lag and also against the fans. With this the Jags fourth encounter in London and steadily becoming a more ‘British’ team, many of the fans were on their side. continue reading…

NFL International Series – a rookie’s starter guide

For many people, the annual International series is their introduction to the great game of American Football. For others it’s one of the key dates in the calendar (Super Bowl aside!) as we get some of the greats of the game playing in our country!

But for those who fall into the former camp, there’s a lot to wade through before you get into the game. You might have worked out the rules, but what do you really know about the upcoming games, and how do you ensure you can look as informed as the next football fan?

Well we teamed up with Chicago Bears fan (who are not playing in this International Series so feel there is definite impartiality!) Claire Ball to get her view on the games in London this series and also asked some other NFL questions for you to use at the water cooler after the weekends game! continue reading…

The fans in the football stands – who could be watching the International Series too?

With just under two weeks until the first game of the 2016 NFL International Series there will be fans across the UK will be looking forward to seeing their favourite side play, some of them for the very first time.

But what of the famous names that support these teams? With American Football being the No1 sport in America each club can boast some huge fan support from big international stars! Not chosen your team for London yet? Well maybe who their celeb fans are may influence you! continue reading…

It’s here at last – NFL Draft 2016

There are still months until the NFL season begins, but there have also been months and months of speculation about this year’s draft pick.

We know now who has the picks and in which order (with a little bit of trading going on too) but the weird thing is, by Sunday morning, players will have actual teams they’re assigned too, and we can start thinking how they may fit into their franchises.

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You better believe in fairy tale endings.

All the talk pre game was how the Carolina Panthers were waltzing their way to their first Super Bowl victory. It was little wonder, you’re talking about a team who went through the whole of the season with just one loss, who had scored more points than any other side in the NFL and that’s before you consider the mercurial talents of their quarterback Cam Newton. He doesn’t just have superb placement of the ball, he is athletic and can run that ball too.

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