Monthly Archives: February 2016

You better believe in fairy tale endings.

All the talk pre game was how the Carolina Panthers were waltzing their way to their first Super Bowl victory. It was little wonder, you’re talking about a team who went through the whole of the season with just one loss, who had scored more points than any other side in the NFL and that’s before you consider the mercurial talents of their quarterback Cam Newton. He doesn’t just have superb placement of the ball, he is athletic and can run that ball too.

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From horses to lions this ninja warrior is a girl who can!

With viewing figures of over 3 million, there will be many people in the UK who will know the name Phoebe Schecter for being a participant of this year’s Ninja Warrior UK rather than her success in the field of American Football. With the game to an extent still in its infancy in the UK, this is not a great surprise, but one that Phoebe, and over football players in the country are trying to address.

Personal trainer Phoebe decided to go on Ninja Warrior UK as a challenge to herself, but if it’s lifted the profile of women in football then all the better. Especially as most people don’t even realise that women play the sport.

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