Monthly Archives: April 2016

It’s here at last – NFL Draft 2016

There are still months until the NFL season begins, but there have also been months and months of speculation about this year’s draft pick.

We know now who has the picks and in which order (with a little bit of trading going on too) but the weird thing is, by Sunday morning, players will have actual teams they’re assigned too, and we can start thinking how they may fit into their franchises.

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Book for the camp via Paypal!

With our Easter Camp a few weeks away we’re seeing participants coming in from across Kent all looking to improve their skills and have a fun day of flag football.

The day, which will be headed up by GB Students Coach Joe Walker, is open to 10-16 year olds and will take place at Simon Langton Boys School in Canterbury on Wednesday 6th April and runs from 10am – 4pm.

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AFD Limited get the look with Viper 10

AFD Limited, provider of American football to schools, clubs and community programs across the UK today announced a partnership with Viper 10 Sportswear and Bournemouth 7s Festival.

Viper 10, a multisport company, will be the official sportswear partner to AFD Limited. As part of the partnership, all coaching apparel for AFD coaches will be Viper 10 while the company will also be offering a range of Viper 10 performance wear through their web shop.

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Lions roar to another university title

As we near the end of the Easter term, the minds of university athletes turn to one thing – who will be the champion team in their sport. For American Football the grand final took place this weekend, pitching six times champions Birmingham Lions versus Stirling Clansmen looking for their third straight title.

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