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Never too late to take up football

As many of us already in the game of American Football know, there is a great and growing interest in the sport. While the men’s game has been around in the UK for about 30 years, the women’s game is still relatively in its infancy, which provides huge opportunities to get involved.


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Channelling that underdog spirit to become champions

Much of the talk in the UK around soccer is how did Leicester win the Premiership? A team who narrowly avoided relegation the year before, with a cut price team in comparison to some of their big name rivals, against the odds took home the league title.

Luck? Well in every sports success there are going to be a few twists and turns that could be afforded to luck. Certainly if your nearest title rivals implode in the dying weeks that’s certainly fortunate, but there is also a lot to be said for training techniques, ensuring proper periods of rest (Leicester came out of cup competition early so only had the league to concentrate on) and worked to make the team a really cohesive unit.

Being a really cohesive unit is as strong a component as the skilful attributes of the players. This certainly seemed to be the view of Sir Clive Woodward, who guided the England rugby union team to its only World Cup victory in 2003. When he took over the team six years earlier he put in a lot of systems in place such as no rude language when on camp, being early for team meetings etc but it was also the fundamental beliefs that he had.

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AFD becomes business associates of afPE

American Football Development Limited (AFD) has taken another step in its delivery of flag football to school children as it becomes a business associate of the Association for Physical Education (afPE).

afPE is the only physical education subject association in the UK and is committed to supporting the delivery of physical education in schools and the wider community as well as maintaining high standards and safe practice in all aspects of sport.

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Are you superstitious – or can you afford not to be?

Many top sports people will tell you that the hours of training make a champion but also the mental challenge can be just as great. And if you don’t feel mentally prepared, or mentally secure, then regardless of how physically prepared you are, you won’t be ready to perform.

Superstitions are a part of people’s mind control, something they can control and feel comfortable about before they go into the sports field. When I used to play team sports I’d feel the same – I’d have an order to how I would finally match prepare – I’d do my trainers up, then my hair, then my strapping for my knee. Always in that order. I’d have music that I’d listen to in the last part of my car journey, always in the same order, always the same tunes.

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