Monthly Archives: August 2016

From water cooler to winning ways

Who hasn’t started the working week with a bit of a chat about how our weekends went, what we watched on TV and sports results.

What you don’t always get is the conversation around sport turning into a whole new game for you to play!

But that’s what happened to Charyle Mercer when a colleague started talking about the American Football team that she played for in the staff room at work. Unbeknown to Charyle the sport her colleague played, she requested her to step into her office… and asked her to go back over everything she had just said, just to see how she could get involved to! continue reading…

That little edge to give you the extra inch

As an old sporting adage goes – the harder I train, the luckier I get.

It’s true, no man or woman can reach their sporting goals without hours, days, months, years spent in the gym, on the field, in the pool, but watching the Rio Olympics at the moment it’s telling what even the best people do to make themselves the ultimate champion. continue reading…


American Football Development Limited, provider of flag football to schools and community groups announced today its support for Kent Sport’s programme with Golding Vision, the community arm of local housing provider Golding Homes.

The project is offering a range of sports and physical activity programmes over the summer months which is free to children and young people aged between  2 ½ and 18 years.

“We are delighted to be a part of this project and working with other sports providers to be able to offer sport to residents of Golding Homes,” said Gur Samuel, managing director of AFD Limited. continue reading…

Football focus where other games failed

Like many young women, Louise Moran played a number of games at school, did her PE lessons but never joined any teams.

She left school and stayed away from sport for about five years, getting herself back into fitness through going to the gym and taking exercise classes.

So naturally she’s now an American Football player. Yes, that’s right, an American Football player.

Ok that might not be how everybody finds their sport, their natural journey but that was how Louise got involved. And it was quite by chance. continue reading…