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A landmark day for American Football in the UK

  • American Football now part of School Games
  • Flag football growing faster than ever in the UK
  • All-inclusive for boys and girls of all abilities
  • AFD is the UK leading provider in curriculum American football

 A landmark day for American Football in the UK

American Football has often been viewed by many in the UK as a game played by huge guys in the NFL.

Well we can’t deny that there are more than a few sizeable figures but there’s so much more to the game than that.

Despite what you may think there is an ever growing community of players, officials and fans in the country with children starting to play flag football, the non-tackle version of the game, from primary school age.

Most of the growth that is being seen in the game is within youth and women’s competition, and as a result of the much work by BAFA, the sport’s governing body in Great Britain, American Football was recognised by School Games last week. continue reading…

American Football gets a real lions roar!

The GB Women’s programme continues to go from strength to strength and last weekend once again proved they are a force to be reckoned with when they obliterated Spain by 33 points to 0 at Sixways Stadium.


Earlier in the year we profiled Phoebe Schecter, a member of the GB side for a number of years but is now captain of the Lions. We caught up with her after the match to talk about the game and what she’s been up to since we last spoke.

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Flying the flag to a new dawn in football

Finding your way into a new sport is often so much about opportunities and that very much seems the case for Abi Snelson. Two years ago, local coach Peter Evans came to her school to teach newcomers how to play, and she hasn’t stopped since.


“That lesson was probably one of the best ones I’ve ever had in school. I instantly fell in love with the game and from there I started to go to regular training sessions.”


Now aged, 16 Abi is still playing the sport and still loving the progression she is seeing herself and her teammates make. But think there could be many more players who would love to play. They just don’t know where or how. continue reading…

The fans in the football stands – who could be watching the International Series too?

With just under two weeks until the first game of the 2016 NFL International Series there will be fans across the UK will be looking forward to seeing their favourite side play, some of them for the very first time.

But what of the famous names that support these teams? With American Football being the No1 sport in America each club can boast some huge fan support from big international stars! Not chosen your team for London yet? Well maybe who their celeb fans are may influence you! continue reading…

AFD Announces International Series Sizzlers

AFD Limited, provider of American football to schools, clubs and community programs across the UK announced today a huge series of social media activity to celebrate this year’s NFL International Series.

The International Series is a key date in the NFL season each year and for many Brits is their first introduction to the sport. With AFD having introduced over 4,000 children to the sport through its coaching sessions, the company is celebrating the arrival of some of the best players in the game. continue reading…

A bear hug from hospital brought Claire into the game

We all have very different stories on how we came into finding ourselves part of the wonderful game of American Football.

For Claire Ball, or much better known in the community of Claire da Bear, the discovery of American Football came in a way that you could almost consider ‘wrong place, right time’.


Back in January 1986, a desperate night saw Claire’s mum rushed into hospital. No one was able to sit with young Claire so she went to hospital alongside her parents. In a tiny corner of the waiting room a TV set was tuned to Channel 4 which was showing Super Bowl XX live. Young Claire was instantly fixed.

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Ladies rugby? Nope, American Football all the way!

Across the country we find many people not finding their way into the game of American Football until they reach university. With the university programme gaining strength each year this can only grow.


Certainly a move to university opened the path into American Football for Rhiannon Gibson, whose housemate had signed up for a taster session and she decided to tag along. While a taster was as far as her housemate got, Rhiannon was hooked. continue reading…

Turning your hand to American Football?

If you’re playing elite level sport there will be people who will assume that you must have been playing all your life, that you could only reach that skill level after many, many years of participation.

Many years of physical graft maybe, but not necessarily in that particular sport.

For instance Rebecca Romero had reached the pinnacle of her sport. She was a rower and competed in the womens four at the Athens Olympics in 2004. She won a silver medal alongside her teammates but it wasn’t quite enough. She felt she could do more. continue reading…