Monthly Archives: November 2016

Kent Phoenix

Our first ‘Club of the Month’ is Kent Phoenix who have just formed this year. Based in Maidstone, they are looking to bring many young people into the sport. We spoke to Ian Miles about the club and their ambitions.
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University opens eyes to new sporting opportunities

When you head off to university there is a world of opportunity awaiting you. For many there is the chance of living on your own, having to do all your own cooking and washing and of course juggling a new social life.


For Charlotte Laidler, like many other people we’ve spoken to in our blog pieces they’ve also found another new opportunity through sport. Despite having been a sporty teenager playing soccer, netball, rounders and athletics at school, going to university opened up her eyes to a whole new game.

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Flying with Flag – how the Women’s game is building momentum

Andrew Gambrill may have only been coach of the GB Women’s Flag programme since last year but already he has seen huge growth in the game and has high expectations for the team. Has the interest in the game taken him by surprise?

“I always thought it would do well, given the chance, but even I’m surprised in the way the number of players and teams has grown and the level it has reached. We’re in the fourth year of Opal series and had growth in teams and player numbers every year. We have 19 teams this year and around 300 players.” continue reading…