Monthly Archives: March 2017

Can you spot the signs ahead of Wear a Hat Day?

Last month we announced we were working with Brain Tumour Research ahead of its big fundraising activity – Wear a Hat Day.


You might recall that despite the fact that brain tumours kill more children and adults under the age of 40 than any other cancer, only 1% of the national spend for cancer research is allocated to this devastating disease.


But how can you spot the symptoms? The first thing to know is that brain tumours can present themselves with a whole variety of symptoms largely depending on the part of the brain is affected. But if you are experiencing multiple symptoms then be persistent in getting them investigated. continue reading…

How Ellie danced her way to a different ball

As any of our regular blog readers will know there are many ways our profiled sports stars have made their way into the game.


We all know the importance of good people both on the field and on the sidelines and this latest blog we look at the sports therapist, the person who picks you up, patches you back together and helps you make the most of your time playing!


A strong background in ballet (grade 8 with distinction no less) gives Ellie Travis a lot of strength and poise but at university she also got involved in rowing and kayaking combined with a degree in Sports Therapy and a masters in Strength and Conditioning. And then other opportunities came about. continue reading…


AFD, deliverers of flag football coaching across the South-East of England have today launching a new sports program called ‘Touchdown Time’.

‘Touchdown Time’ has been specifically created for Key Stage 1 pupils in line with the requirements of the National Curriculum for PE. Children learn a range of movements as well as take part in competitive game based situations. continue reading…

Hellingly Hound Dogs

Our March Club of the Month features another team who will be embarking on new adventures in 2017. Hellingly Hound Dogs are based in Sussex and are a youth American Football club. Luke Boorer, one of the club’s founders and coach tells us more about their story.

continue reading…