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Focus on Flag – Amy Slater

We asked members of this year’s BAFA Women’s side for the European Flag Football Championships to share a little more about their likes and dislikes.

Name: Amy Slater

Nickname: Slats, Slater

Year of GB Flag Debut: 2017

No of Years Playing: 3.5

Favourite Food: Chinese and cereal (not together)

Favourite Film: Pitch Perfect (I can quote the whole movie and dance every routine!)

Best Football Memory: (in game time)- scoring a pick 6 for the win with 2 seconds on the clock from 30 yards after a very rough game and previous disqualified points.

(Out of game time)- Hallam on tour!!

Sporting hero: David Beckham (exceptional player and person!)

Work outside of football: Msc student at Sheffield Hallam

Carlisle Sentinels

Our August Club of the Month takes us to Carlisle, to visit the Sentinels who were first established in 2013. Building over the last few years, the team has ambitions to start a youth program in the future but are always on the lookout for new players to join their ranks.

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