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How a splash of TV coverage turned to a Dolphins following

It will come to no surprise to football fans of a certain age that Channel 4 had a lot to do with getting people into the game. And Chris Fells is one of those people. Back in 1991, 10 year old Chris came across the televised game of Miami Dolphins against the New England Patriots. The Dolphins were victorious on that occasion with a 20-10 result and for Chris the deal was done. A Dolphins fan he would be.

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As the Saints marched into Idris’ life and never left

For many of the fans that we have featured during our London Games season, their journey into supporting their team came almost by accident. A chance late night television viewing it would seem for many, but for Idris Lawal it was a completely different set of circumstances.

Idris used to live in America and as a boy spent many years living in Louisiana and so became a Saints fan due to them being his home team. So for Idris he grew up with the game as his main sporting choice and he brought it back with him when he came to the UK. But for him the differences are still quite clear between the two countries.

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A ‘Walker’ on his high flying date at Wembley

For Ravens fan Joe Walker, the date of the 24th September is a day he’s been waiting half his life to happen. Finally he will see his beloved birds, the Baltimore Ravens play a live game of American Football and it couldn’t come soon enough.


He’s seen them play loads of time, he’s even influenced the way they play. Well haven’t all Britball fans who’ve played Madden? Because that for Joe, like many other people in the game fell upon a team almost by chance, by being one of the first teams they both encountered, and liked. continue reading…

No bandwagon for Matt as he finds the Wright team to support

The Jacksonville Jaguars are fast building a fan base in the UK as one of the mainstays of the London Games as the NFL rolls back into London next week. But for Matt Wright, his support of the Jags goes back much further, when a trip to America in 2003 resulted in him starting his love for the side.


“I’d been to the States and among my souvenirs I had a Jags hat and a Tampa Bay Jersey. After doing some research when I got back home I discovered that Tampa had won the Super Bowl the year before. I didn’t want to be a bandwagon fan so I decided to go the way of the Jags.”


Clearly plenty of NFL fans will be reading this now and having a little chuckle as the Jags history is certainly not one for the bandwagon fans – so in that respect Matt made a good choice! But in recent years, with the Jags clear interest in the UK market, it’s a good decision as he’s had the opportunity to watch them four times already.

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What will the NFL bring to London this season?

Gur Samuel

This year’s London Games is just over a week away and we know that with each NFL season that passes, especially with the games played in London, that a new wave of American Football fans come along.


For those who aren’t so close to the game or just taking their first steps we’ve got the perfect London Games preview for you courtesy of AFD’s Managing Director Gur Samuel. He gives us the lowdown on the teams, who to look out for, and how much has changed since the first game in 2007.



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The London Games are almost here!

The NFL is back and while the season officially started on Thursday with the Patriots v Chiefs game, the majority of sides will be getting their first games underway today.

And in Week 3 of the NFL season it goes international! Yes, on Sunday September 24th the NFL returns to London for the 11th season and as the start of the now famous London Games is only two weeks away we’re launching our London Games Extravaganza!

Every day, every week until the end of October, we’ll be celebrating the return of the NFL to London. There will be profile pieces with fans, competitions and lots, lots more!

And to get the London Games off to a great start we have a fabulous competition for you! Want to see an NFL game for yourself? Well we’re giving away the chance for you to win two tickets to the Minnesota Vikings and Cleveland Browns game on the 29th September. And all you have to do is click here to enter!

So come on and join in the fun!


East Kent Mavericks

Our September Club of the Month is one that has been in Britball for over 15 years and has built up into a large club over the years with now teams from U11 level up to Seniors. Mark Read from the club tells us more about the East Kent Mavericks and how you can get involved.


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Focus on Flag – Louise Lee

We asked members of this year’s BAFA Women’s side for the European Flag Football Championships to share a little more about their likes and dislikes.

Name: Louise Lee

Nickname LouLee

Year of GB Debut: 2015 with GB, 2013 with EWP.

Number of years playing: six years playing.

Favourite food: wagamamas

Favourite film: Walk The Line / The Blindside

Best football memory: gametime = interception against Israel in Euros 2015. out of gametime = going up to get our trophy at Euros with the rest of the teams chanting “sexy football” at us!

Sporting hero: Charlotte Edwards, former England Cricket Captain.

Work outside playing football: Primary/Elementary school teacher