A landmark day for American Football in the UK

  • American Football now part of School Games
  • Flag football growing faster than ever in the UK
  • All-inclusive for boys and girls of all abilities
  • AFD is the UK leading provider in curriculum American football

 A landmark day for American Football in the UK

American Football has often been viewed by many in the UK as a game played by huge guys in the NFL.

Well we can’t deny that there are more than a few sizeable figures but there’s so much more to the game than that.

Despite what you may think there is an ever growing community of players, officials and fans in the country with children starting to play flag football, the non-tackle version of the game, from primary school age.

Most of the growth that is being seen in the game is within youth and women’s competition, and as a result of the much work by BAFA, the sport’s governing body in Great Britain, American Football was recognised by School Games last week.

At the heart of School Games is the understanding that competitive sports needs to be made accessible and enjoyable for all young people – and not just that, but at a level that is right for them. For us, the UK’s leading deliverer of American Football to schools and colleges, this is really important to gain a greater understanding of the inclusivity that American Football brings.

Primary Edit

We hear many stories from teachers who have brought flag football into their schools and see it has brought children back into PE that may have previously strayed away from traditional sports. Why? The inclusivity of the sport. It’s not just that it is open to both boys and girls to play, it’s the fact there are roles for people in the game no matter what your size or build, your speed, or your ability to throw or catch a ball. In American Football there are positions where you’re not allowed to touch the ball. That pupil with the poor hand/eye or hand/foot co-ordination suddenly finds they’ve got a role to play, and it’s a valuable role too. You might hear on TV about the star quarterback, but his throwing arm is only as good as his ability to have a lineman to protect him or a wide receiver to catch the ball. It really is the epitome of team sport where everyone knows their role and any chink in the armour can be damaging.

So how can schools get in the game? Well the School Games website offers a number of resources but for many people new to the game there is a need to have extra help and support in getting your pupils learning the fundamentals. At AFD Limited we are committed to the development of American Football in the UK. We coach in-curriculum and after-school clubs in both primary and secondary schools with flag football available from Key Stage 2 upwards. We also provide CPD, experience days and tournament days working with both schools and School Games Organisers to get the best fit for their school and their pupils. And if you want to keep the game going, we can even supply equipment for you too.