Calling all Primary schools in Kent! Hot on the heels of the announcement of a secondary school competition in December, Kent Sport have confirmed the inclusion of flag football to primary School Games programme.

Having been a demo sport at last year’s Kent School Games, and recently added to the School Games programme by the Youth Sports Trust, AFD, who deliver flag football to schools across the county, are happy to support Kent Sport in bringing this fantastic game to the School Games this summer.

Will your school be participating in this year’s games?

Natalie Harris, Countryside, Leisure and Sports Events Manager for Kent Sport comments: When we first introduced Flag Football as a demo sport at the Kent School Games, there was a limited amount of activity taking place in the county. Giving young people the opportunity to ‘have a go’ sparked an interest from schools attending school games events and has led to a growth in the sport, it seems the ideal time to introduce it to School Games.”

Flag Football is the non-tackle version of American Football and AFD have been working with both primary and secondary schools across the whole of Kent to introduce this fast, fun and inclusive sport.

The East Kent School Games event will take place on Thursday 27th April at University of Kent in Canterbury and the competition will be open to teams of girls and boys with pupils in Year 5 and 6.

“Since we first introduced flag football to schools a couple of years ago we’ve had great support from the Kent Sport team,” said Gur Samuel, Managing Director of AFD Limited. “We have seen so many schools in the area participate in flag football and it’s great to give them a School Games competition this summer.”

You can register your interest in the competition on the AFD website in the events section or if you would like more details on the competition format then please contact AFD on 0207 056 2700 or