AFD Announces International Series Sizzlers

AFD Limited, provider of American football to schools, clubs and community programs across the UK announced today a huge series of social media activity to celebrate this year’s NFL International Series.

The International Series is a key date in the NFL season each year and for many Brits is their first introduction to the sport. With AFD having introduced over 4,000 children to the sport through its coaching sessions, the company is celebrating the arrival of some of the best players in the game.

Gur Samuel, Managing Director of AFD Limited said: “The NFL International Series is a key event for any British football fan.

We have seen the excitement in young people when they’ve got to throw a football for the first time in our sessions, so we wanted to keep the excitement going with our own celebrations!”

AFD will be launching a range of social media activity with features and interviews with people associated to the NFL teams, competitions and giveaways as well as the launch of some exclusive products just for the duration of the series.

The International Series Sizzler will be across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and fans are encouraged to check in every day so as not to miss out!

Fans of American Football can follow AFD on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram  by connecting with @afdlimited