For Lee Walker, PE Teacher at Sir Frederic Osborn school in Welwyn Garden City, it had long been an ambition for him to bring American Football to his school.

The school is the playing base for local side Welwyn and Hatfield Mosquitoes and in December last year, the school had some taster sessions and found that it was definitely something that the students had an appetite for.

But what next? Funds for new sports are not really obtainable out of school funds so where could they go to make this dream a reality? Back to AFD.

Celebrating Sir Freds win!

AFD launched its Club Support Service in January this year, and while the initial recipients of Sport England Small Grants had been American Football clubs, funding was also on offer for schools, if they could prove a need for investment. And Sir Fred’s could.

And now they’re embarking on a new program starting in September, with the grant having funded equipment, playing uniforms and coaching hours as well as training for staff members.

Lee Walker is delighted that the sport is finally coming to his school. “Staring an American Football program has been an ambition for a while but costs have prohibited us. Thanks to AFD, we have both padded and flag football to offer students from the summer with a grant paying for both equipment and coaching support. We can’t wait to get started!”

Gur Samuel, Managing Director for AFD Limited was delighted that the company could be helping expand the sport even further. “We know that there is huge potential and demand for growth in American Football, but making that happen can take time, money and expertise.

This is a real breakthrough moment for the sport and the school and we’re currently working with other schools to help them achieve the chance to build their own program. Who knows where this journey could take them, but it’s fantastic just to give children an opportunity to play another sport.

If you want to understand more about how AFD can support your school or organisation gain funding then contact the club support services team on 0203 056 2700 or email

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