Can you help walk 8707km?

Well ok, we don’t expect you to walk, or run every single step of that, but could you do a portion of it and help send the GB Women’s side to the World Championships?

This weekend, the team are asking for the American Football community to come together and literally help them take steps towards their goal of going to Canada in June to be the first British team to ever make the World Champs.

In 2015, the GB Women’s side qualified by virtue of the team gaining the silver medal in the European Championships in Grenada in Spain. Now they’re off to Vancouver, a journey which will take them 8707 kms away from that silver medal to a championship which they hope will lead to even greater glory.

GB Lions captain Phoebe Schecter

But championships cost money, and with a large team of over 50 players and personnel, it’s going to be expensive to get there. So this weekend the team are asking people to run, walk, cycle, lift (they haven’t said swim, but as there are a few oceans to cross I think that’s ok) and help them get their goal. For every kilometre you clock up then donate a pound (or more, but a pound is still great!) towards their total and let them know you’re supporting them.

Want to know more? Then go to their Go Fund Me page and make your pledge

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