Club Support Service Update

Last month AFD launched its new Club Support Service which helps support American Football clubs in a number of ways.

One club that has recently benefited from AFD’s support, and continues to do so is Ouse Valley Eagles. We caught up with Mark Chilton, their Academy Co-ordinator to see how they had found working with AFD. 

“We are looking to build a youth satellite club program in our region with a pathway through to senior team formats.  It is important for us to gain a foothold in schools and colleges in the larger towns surrounding us to provide opportunities for young people to look at our sport.  AFD is helping us do this in a number of ways.  They are expert in identifying funding opportunities through councils, unitary authorities and sports development partnerships and navigating the way through the approvals process.  AFD can provide coaching support for after school sessions where we would struggle as volunteers to commit the time.  Working together using this model we have established a funded satellite club in Buckingham and have further taster sessions scheduled in Bedford schools.  We are targeting live prospects in Luton and Milton Keynes and will then look to roll out further.  Opportunity to play is key to youth participation and AFD is helping Ouse Valley Eagles to provide it.”