Building Player Base

The future of any sport relies heavily on new players taking up the game. With our work in schools we are seeing more and more young people have an enthusiasm for the game and wish to be able to take it further but don’t have the opportunities to do so.

Through our work with American Football clubs in the South East we have been able to create pathways for players to move from playing the sport in after school clubs into clubs and bringing a new generation of players into the club.

We have worked with clubs and local councils to bring satellite clubs across the South East, creating funds to pay for the coaching of the sessions, equipment for the schools to keep them playing the game and training of teachers. These clubs provide free sessions for participants over a number of months providing them with a great introduction to the sport.

New teams

Setting up new teams, especially new youth teams can be a difficult task and can involve a great deal of financial investment from a club, especially when funds are tight.

With our work with clubs we’ve been able to secure grants to help pay for the set up of new teams. These grants can pay for a number of activities, from pre season recruitment sessions, facility hire, equipment packs and coach education. Providing your club can show there is a need for investment we can help you unlock funding.

The relationship with AFD has really helped us grow as a club locally. Opening up coaching in schools has brought a new generation of players hungry for the game, while providing us with the resource through coach education, facility hire and equipment to meet our additional needs.”

Glenn Lindley

Chairman – East Kent Mavericks

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