Coach Education and Development

As coaches we know that it isn’t just about winning games. Seeing players develop and grow brings huge rewards but knowing how to best develop your team needs focus on the coach as well as the players. 


Continuous improvement as a coach is key to helping your players which is why AFD has developed its Coach Education and Club Development courses. These have been developed using the wide levels of expertise in AFD bringing together knowledge from fields such as safeguarding, marketing, PR and funding to help you maximise you and your club’s development.

Coach Education

The coaching workshops have been created by Joe Walker, AFD’s coach and education co-ordinator and GB Students Coach.

The courses cover a wide range of areas from developing new and experienced quarterbacks, helping decision making for offensive and defensive linemen and even understanding officiating. Whatever you want to focus on we can help you with our courses – click here to see the full list.

Club Development

How can you build your club so that it is sustainable both physically and financially? Our courses explore a whole range of areas from marketing your club to help raise your profile, understanding safeguarding of young people and fundraising to name but a few. For a full list of the courses available click here.