Community Projects

AFD’s work in developing American Football in the UK isn’t restricted to schools and we’ve worked with a number of local partners to bring the game to more people.

Fundamental to our central belief we are committed to the development of American Football in the UK and bringing our sport to a wide amount of people no matter what their physical attributes or socio-economic background.

In the last year we have worked to

  • Helped to develop more cohesive communities and reduce anti social behaviour within a housing trust by bringing flag football to young people. (put link to press release)
  • Participated in Park Sport project, a series of coach-led sporting activities offering free turn up and play sessions in community spaces.
  • Introduce flag football as part of a sporting rehabilitation project with a young offenders institution

Talking about the programme that AFD worked with Kent Sport and Golding Vision, the community arm of Golding Homes:

“With the new Sport England Strategy focusing on how sport can support physical and mental wellbeing, as well as bringing communities together, this programme is a fantastic way of meeting those outcomes. Kent Sport is grateful to AFD Limited and the other sports providers for working closely with us to provide these opportunities for young people who might not normally get the chance to try these activities”

Kevin Day, Kent Sport CSP Director

We are regarded as a key sports provider for a number of local sports development teams and are keen to work with others around the country.

For more information about our work in the community contact us on or fill out our contact form