Getting Funding for your Program

Anyone involved in American Football knows it takes time and effort to build a club. It also takes financial investment too and something that isn’t always easy to come by. But in the last year, AFD have helped bring in over £150,000 worth of development money for American Football. We could help you get your share too.


Expanding your club

We’ve seen the rise of enthusiasm for around American Football over the last few years and the growing interest in our sport.

Having worked in grass roots sport in the South East over the last few years, we’ve literally seen thousands of people take their first steps into the game. But where next? We know the pressure clubs are under, they want to grow but lack the time or resource to do so.

AFD Club Support Scheme

Last year we launched our Club Support Scheme to provide help and expertise to teams looking to build and expand. We have helped them unlock tens of thousands of pounds and can help you do the same.

Our full support service provides you with the expertise to:

  • Guide you through the process and find the right funding solutions for your club
  • Write funding bid applications
  • Order and fulfil all aspects of the bid from education to employment

Do you qualify?

Provided your club can demonstrate a need for investment we can help you unlock funding, no matter where you are in the country. For more information and for a no obligation chat contact us on or 0203 056 2700.

Read here to see how we’ve helped Kent Exiles expand their club this season.

AFD are expert in identifying funding opportunities through councils, unitary authorities and sports development partnerships and navigating the way through the approvals process. AFD can provide coaching support for after school sessions where we would struggle as volunteers to commit the time. Opportunity to play is key to youth participation and AFD is helping Ouse Valley Eagles to provide it.

Mark Chilton, Academy Co-ordinator, Ouse Valley Eagles