Derby Braves

Our February club of the month is the Derby Braves. First formed as a university team, the women’s side became a community club in 2015. And with a lot of Great Britain players and coaches among the organisation, they are a club who are going places. 

Braves united!

  • When was your club formed, where and by who?

Women’s team formed at University of Derby in 2013 by Gareth Ellison – then formed the community club in 2015 to open up to non-students.

  • What teams do you currently have?

We currently have a women’s 7v7 full contact team

  • Where and when do you train?

We train on Wednesdays 7pm-9pm (sports hall) and Saturdays 10am-1pm at the Derby Moors Sports College

  • What are your plans for the next twelve months?

Our plans for the next 12 months is to focus on the 2017 sapphire series and ensuring the women’s team players and staff are strengthened for next year

Come and join the training

  • Why should people get into American Football?

People should get into American Football because it really is a sport for all types of fitness levels and for all body sizes. It is a great sport to play and you learn so many new skills.

  • What would you consider the clubs greatest achievement?

Our greatest achievement so far is taking the risk to leave the university and setting up as a community club in order to allow more women the opportunity to play competitive sport

  • Do you have any players and coaches of note – past or present?

We have coached eight Great Britain players, three of which have spent their entire playing career at the Braves and have been active members of all three 11-v-11 GB campaigns (Verity Ellison, Danielle Raymont and Collette Wong)

We also have two Great Britain Women coaches who have been with the Derby Braves Women from their first season (Gareth Ellison and Jon Maisey) and recent addition GB coach Jason Scott.

Under the coaches watchful eye

  • Why should people join the Braves?

Women should come join the Braves because, we have great coaches and players, we are all very friendly and welcoming to new players – we are just a family of braves!

  • Please sum up your club in 25 words or less!

Derby Braves women’s American football club, has brilliant coaches who are so dedicated to the club and the sport, they work hard to improve the players abilities and improve each year in the sapphire series.

Could you be a part of the next team photo?

  • Can you provide contact details for people wishing to join the club

For more information email the Derby Braves  on





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