Focus on Flag – Amy Slater

We asked members of this year’s BAFA Women’s side for the European Flag Football Championships to share a little more about their likes and dislikes.

Name: Amy Slater

Nickname: Slats, Slater

Year of GB Flag Debut: 2017

No of Years Playing: 3.5

Favourite Food: Chinese and cereal (not together)

Favourite Film: Pitch Perfect (I can quote the whole movie and dance every routine!)

Best Football Memory: (in game time)- scoring a pick 6 for the win with 2 seconds on the clock from 30 yards after a very rough game and previous disqualified points.

(Out of game time)- Hallam on tour!!

Sporting hero: David Beckham (exceptional player and person!)

Work outside of football: Msc student at Sheffield Hallam

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