Focus on Flag – Jennifer Cooper

We asked members of this year’s BAFA Women’s side for the European Flag Football Championships to share a little more about their likes and dislikes.

Name: Jennifer Cooper

Nickname: Coops

Year of GB Debut: 2015

Number of years playing: 6 years 7 months (Wide Receiver/Slot Receiver)

Favourite food: Avocado, peanut butter

Favourite film: Marvel films, the Matrix, Inception (anything which makes you stop and think or wish you had superhero powers!)

Best football memory: Individual – Receiving MVP from Denmark and Germany at the 2015 Euros. Catching deep routes under heavy cover against; Denmark, Israel and Italy.

Team – That very first match against Spain at the first GB Euros when we all pulled together to fight for the game. Our first practice out in Spain (Pinto) when it was pouring with rain!

Sporting hero: Antonio Brown (he has mad skills and is one of the smaller receivers which I can relate to!)

Work outside playing football: PhD Student Warwick Medical School, Fitness Instructor

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