Get investment into an American Football program

Getting investment into an American Football program takes time and energy, and with many clubs having volunteers trying to juggle running a club, a family and having a job as well as lots of on and off field activities, time to spend on a funding application isn’t time that is always in abundance.

And when you do get time, are you always getting the right information across? How do you know what funding can and can’t cover? How do you know the processes to go through?

Fortunately at AFD we have a team of people who have worked with a range of bodies to get investment into our sport. In the last year we’ve generated over £70,000 of funding directly into American Football and it could be that your team is next.

To see if you could benefit, download our free guide ‘The Do’s and Don’ts to Funding’ to understand how you could get your club to the next funding step.

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