Hellingly Hound Dogs

Our March Club of the Month features another team who will be embarking on new adventures in 2017. Hellingly Hound Dogs are based in Sussex and are a youth American Football club. Luke Boorer, one of the club’s founders and coach tells us more about their story.

  • When was your club formed, where and by who?

Hellingly Hound Dogs was founded in June 2016. We were founded by myself, Luke Boorer, with the help from Aarron Jones, after being nagged by my 3 children and a couple of their friends who played for a team that I helped coach previously, but was decided to be not that’s club main aim and wanted to concentrate on their adult section.


  • What teams do you currently have?

We currently have an u14’s flag and u11’s flag team. We are just about to launch a contact u17’s thanks to a grant of £9830 from Sport England. We are busy recruiting for the 2017 SEYAF Tournament season, where we are looking to have teams across all age groups.


  • Where and when do you train?

We train at Horsebridge Recreational Ground, near Hailsham. We are very lucky to have use of floodlights for training, when we train on Wednesday evenings. We are very lucky to have some fantastic facilities including clubhouse, bar and toilets, which is thanks to the Hellingly Sports Club, who along with the cricket and rugby sections have been a very positive help to us.

Training under the floodlights

  • What are your plans for the next twelve months?

Our plans are mainly around recruitment. As a newly founded team, we need to get our clubs existence out in to the public domain. We are looking to host our first tournament in May with the help of SEYAF. We are also looking to work with several local schools. We have made contacts with these schools who have all seemed to be very interested in what we are offering. We are also looking to attract new coaches to our club. We believe that offering the chance for players to progress through teams, should also be carried over to the coaches to help with their development as coaches.

  • Why should people get into American Football?

Personally I find American Football to be a great team game, along with the fact that you get people of all different ages and shapes, makes it a real inclusive sport. You need to have a great atmosphere around the team, to make a really great side that has gelled.

  • What would you consider the clubs greatest achievement?

Our greatest achievement to date is our Sport England Grant. We are hoping that this will really help kick start our club as well as Football in the Wealden and Eastbourne areas.

  • Why should people join the Hound Dogs?

We have several experienced players, but most of these have only played for a season before. It can be a very daunting experience for a rookie to go along to a very established team. This is a great reason to get involved now. As a club, when we were founded, we wanted to set our ethos out, this was mainly set around us being a very inclusive, family club that offered a sporting chance to everyone. We have tried to make our club as welcoming as possible along with trying to make sure that finance is not a reason why someone shouldn’t be able to play for the Hound Dogs.

The Hellingly Hound Dogs – come and join the team!

  • What would be your favourite football moment ever – either domestic or international?

As a Giants fan, is was great to see them win at Twickenham last year, but my most favourite moment was seeing the boys line up, but also compete at Kent Phoenix last year. It was a very pleasing moment to see the boys win their first ever game that they played in. Unfortunately we lost the next two, but you can’t win everything.

  • Please sum up your club in 25 words or less!

Family friendly but playing with the passion that will breed success in our players and coaches.


How can people get involved with the team?

Visit our website : www.hellinglyhounddogs.com or email us on hellinglyhounddogs@hotmail.com We are also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


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