It’s here at last – NFL Draft 2016

There are still months until the NFL season begins, but there have also been months and months of speculation about this year’s draft pick.

We know now who has the picks and in which order (with a little bit of trading going on too) but the weird thing is, by Sunday morning, players will have actual teams they’re assigned too, and we can start thinking how they may fit into their franchises.

Will it be Jared Goff or Carson Wentz who goes at No1?

Will it be Jared Goff or Carson Wentz who goes at No1?

All the talk now is who will be the top draft picks? It’s thought that one and two will go to Quarterback’s and certainly both the Rams and the Eagles have traded up to get themselves in that prime position. And then it will be – do they want California’s Jared Goff or North Dakota State’s Carson Wentz? They must certainly think they’re ripe for the top spots as they gave up a lot to take them from the Titans and Browns who must believe it will be better to get a heap of lower picks to get their teams performing better in the coming season.

Now going with a Quarterback as no 1 draft pick is hardly unusual – and as we know there are plenty of years where it’s worked out exceptionally well. But trading in other picks? Well only time will tell how that shapes up?

But while Goff and Wentz have great skills many other players may have not had as much attention in the last few weeks, but will also potentially be names for the future. Watch out for Ezekiel Elliot, Running Back for Ohio State who’s expected to be picked up by the Cowboys. The man has pace (his 85 yard touchdown against Alabama in 2015 a testament to that), and that behind an offensive line could spell trouble for other NFL teams.

The 49ers are looking to go for one really big pick. And that’s no joke when you consider the sheer size of DeForest Buckner. Rumours are they were hoping to get a QB but that fell apart once the trades of the Rams and Eagles came into play but Buckner could be a great addition for their 7th pick.

Buckner stands at 201cms and is 130kgs but when he came to the NFL combine people couldn’t stop talking about his ‘dinner plate’ hands. Yes they are 29.8cm wide from the thumb to little finger, bigger than a sheet of A4 paper. That’s the biggest hands the NFL draft has come across since they started measuring in 2003. He’s described as the most complete defensive player. Can you imagine coming up against him? Actually probably best that you don’t!

Now while Buckner’s hands came out as a strong element at the combine, there were other skills that some players showed that might not be top of a GM’s list.

Ohio State’s Joe Thuney ran the second fastest 40 yard dash among the offensive linesmen back in February with a time of 4.95 seconds but it’s his work with the Rubik’s cube which sets him apart!

He can complete a Rubik’s cube in 58 seconds claiming his brother got one with instructions when he was ten and he just wanted to beat him. He says remembering the patterns and the order is really key so who knows which franchise may need some different locker room tricks too!

Whatever happens, we’re days away of seeing another group of young men have their lives transformed as they make their way to the NFL. Not all football journeys end that way of course, but many start with that love for the game. A love that we’re looking to instil in more children each day through our flag football programs across the country. What to take that first step? Then contact us today at and see what we can bring to your area.