Jags finding their feet and home in London

Game 3 of this year’s NFL season and the Jags and Ravens were coming across the pond with differing records. The Ravens had a good start to their campaign with two wins, while the Jags were sitting 1-1, having suffered a heavy defeat to the Tennessee Titans the previous weekend. 

Ravens were coming to London for their first every game and expectations were high, Jags are becoming more comfortable in the UK capital but Ravens felt this was a winnable game.

But with every year that passes the Jags home game at Wembley is feeling more like that rather than just a name, and with the fan base in the UK steadily building, the North London stadium becoming a second home.

And boy, did they make themselves comfortable yesterday. They demolished the Ravens, taking the game 44-7 and demonstrating some of the potential the side truly has.

Much has been talked about the Jags defence over the years and they’ve been steadily building momentum – they’ve had some good draft picks in Dante Fowler and Jalen Ramsey while scooping up free agents such as Malik Johnson and Calais Campbell. And on Sunday they showed their defensive power from the outset. Fowler and Campbell combined to crush Joe Flacco on the first drive. And set a precendent for the rest of the game.

Jalen Ramsey all smiles after yesterday’s game!

In total, the Ravens only managed 186 offensive yards for the game and would have suffered a shut out had Benjamin Watson not managed to get a Touchdown in the last four minutes of the game. But it had been a masterclass from the Jaguars, Blake Bortles throwing four touchdown passes for the first time since 2015, while Marcedes Lewis’ three touchdowns equalled the combined amount he’d scored in the last four seasons.

Benjamin Watson saved the Ravens blushes

It was the Ravens’ worst defeat since 1997 when they lost to the Steelers 37-0, and of course who do they play next? Yep, the Steelers.

But having had two wins already this season, Ravens coach John Harbaugh is not pressing the panic button. ‘We’ve just got to get ready for next week. It’s one loss. It doesn’t matter what the score is. One loss or one win never defines a season. It doesn’t define the season. ‘What defines a season is how you respond to the adversity that you face. That’s in football, that’s in life, in anything that you face.’

For the Jaguars, it’s their third win in four years at their adopted home and looking like they know how to get off the plane, shake off the jetlag and get a win. Where can they go from this win? Anywhere according to Jalen Ramsey.

“No ceilings. We can go as far as we can take ourselves. As far as we want to go.”

If they can play like that back in America, you’d be looking to see them in the playoffs this season. But as everyone knows, there’s still a lot of football left to play.