Locker Room Chat

Fresh from becoming the fourth ranked team in the World, and the highest ranked outside of North America, GB Women’s captain Phoebe Schecter gives us a fun insight to some of the inside track on the team!

GB Lions captain Phoebe Schecter

  • Funniest team mate? Aimee Cottingham
  • Demon in the gym? -Michelle Gwynne and Oli Davies- arms only ?
  • Most forgetful team mate? – Jennifer Cooper
  • Any superstitions? – I always wear my DBA Great Britain sports bra for games
  • What do you do before you play – When We start the game with kickoff, our thing is always ‘meet you at the bottom’. I personally don’t really have anything that I do before I get on the field.  I’m pretty boring! I just need that first hit and I’m buzzing.
  • Where do you keep your European champs medal? – I’m terrible about sentiment, just hanging on my mirror.
  •  Most feared opponent? – I don’t think I fear anyone, more respect of their skills so I would say it would be USA.
  • Quiet or noisy in the locker room?  I’m pretty much the same, it’s more goof off what others want.  We always have music blasting and I make sure I check in with everyone.
  • Best pre game food? Oats and protein (Proats) ?
  • Favourite NFL player? Ray Lewis
  • Favourite NFL team? Patriots
  • Best person you’ve ever played alongside? Beverly Marwood, was first team captain of Team GB.  Absolute leader on and off the field.
  • If you could play anywhere in the world where would it be? – I’d love to play in the USA.
  • Best thing about playing American football? – Team.  There is no team environment like it.
  • Favourite huddle shout? – Who Are We?- We Are GB or the linebackers is ‘Hit Squad’.
  • Best thing about GB team? The heart we have as a team.