6 Flag™

With American Football being the number one sport in the USA, children start playing flag football and getting into the game from a very early age.

Programmes in the States for children start from as young as five, helping children to understand the fundamentals, teaching them basic skills in a fun and entertaining environment, while starting them on a playing journey towards American Football.

For primary schools, AFD have further developed our secondary school programme – 8Flag® into a smaller version of the same code of flag football – 6Flag™.

6Flag™ is focused on ‘flag football’ – a non padded, non tackle version of the sport. Our primary school version, introduces children to passing, catching and throwing in a non contact format but also takes into account not only the physiological differences between secondary and primary school students, but is designed to be played on any playing facility, regardless of surface or space available.

Read here about the experiences of one of our primary schools introduction to 6Flag™.

We break our 6Flag™ curriculum sessions into two six week blocks to help develop the game play and skills of the players.

Curriculum sessions Block One 

  • Introduction to the sport, coaching of skills for playing the game from an offensive and defensive perspective.
  • Development of understanding about healthy active lifestyles
  • Games based learning of core skills for playing the sport
  • Full delivery in line with the NCPE and its core
  • Game based learning to aid selecting and applying skills as well as problem solving capacities
  • Develop and use running, jumping, throwing and catching in isolation and in combination during drills and games
  • Participate in competitive team games, developing simple tactics for attacking and defending
  • Use running, jumping, throwing and catching in isolation and in combination

 Curriculum sessions Block Two

In addition to Block One, Block Two will also include:

  • Full development of skill range including opportunities to coach others and learn officiating skills.
  • Heightened development of Offensive and Defensive strategies
  • Use a range of tactics and strategies to overcome opponents in direct competition through team and individual games
  • Develop students technique and improve their performance in other competitive sports
  • Explore more advanced techniques and strategies for outwitting opponents.

“The support AFD has provided to Cecil Road Primary School has been outstanding. Particular features of AFD  provision are the sustained quality of the coaches provided; excellent communication between AFD, the coaches and the school; the flexibility and adaptability of the coaches; the standard of staff subject knowledge/safeguarding; and the quality of coaches’ planning and value for money.”

“We look forward to continuing this successful partnership in the future.”

Mark Neville

PE Coordinator – Cecil Road Primary School

Fancy giving it a go? Please contact us to enquire about a taster session for your school.