AFD’s work in schools is mostly focused on ‘flag football’ – a non-padded, non-tackle version of American Football.


The full game of American Football, kitted football, can be costly for British schools to implement with all the necessary equipment needed. However, it is one of the most inclusive sports as there are incredibly varied skills needed at each position so regardless of size, speed or strength, there is a role for everyone.

Traditionally flag football loses this range of inclusivity to ensure a safer and more affordable game.

So how do you get the balance? How do you enjoy the global inclusivity of American football without sacrificing the safer environment of flag football? Through 8Flag®.

8Flag® has been formulated by AFD specifically for British secondary schools. We have seen it provide schools with a more inclusive sport and has involved students that typically do not participate in traditional school sports, while not making any significant strain on a school’s resources.

Dan Lintott“Year 11 students at Barton Court were fully engaged in this inclusive activity and showed a genuine willingness to experience and ultimately progress brilliantly in a completely new and dynamic sport ,which strongly incorporates individuals with an array of mixed skills sets. All students were left with a positive and memorable experience and through excellent coaching and a fun learning environment, students of ALL abilities made quick progress. AFD 8Flag® enabled students to find their role in the sport and students felt that they could contribute fully within this real TEAM sport. Students rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing and this was undoubtedly the case for students at our school”

Dan Lintott, PE Teacher, Barton Court Grammar School, Canterbury

8Flag® restores the positions that are normally removed from flag football, meaning that those who may not have the hand-eye coordination, agility or stamina to be successful in traditional flag football, can now not only take part, but be a fundamentally important part of the team, contributing as much to the success of their side as any of their teammates.

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