Funding your Program

Since we started coaching flag football in our first schools in Kent in 2014, we have introduced thousands of boys and girls into this great game.


Every day we take calls from schools wanting to try flag football and see how they can bring the game alive in their school. But for others they don’t want to just have it as an after school club, or as a short block of coaching, they want to start their own American Football programs.

But that costs money and that is something that schools are find they have little spare to fund an American Football team. Until now.

We are helping teams start their own American Football programs with the help of Sport England funding. We will work with you and write your funding bid, help you source materials and equipment for your program and provide training and coaches to get you on your way.  And as we build up teams across the country we’ll help you in gaining game play too.

Read how we helped Sir Frederic Osborn School start their American Football program here.

“Starting an American Football program has been an ambition for a while but costs have prohibited us. Thanks to AFD, we have both padded and flag football to offer students from the summer with a grant paying for both equipment and coaching support. We can’t wait to get started!”

Lee Walker, Sir Frederic Osborn School, Welwyn Garden City, Herts

For more information about how you can get funding for your school, contact us at