What is Flag Football?

Flag Football is a non-tackle, invasion game and in both America and the UK, is viewed as a fun introduction to the sport of American Football.

What is Flag Football

But what is it?

  • Flag football is a non-tackling approach to the game of football. Instead of tackling an opponent, you pull the flag attached to the person with the ball’s belt to cause a stoppage in play.
  • To play flag football you won’t need lots of kit, pads or helmets as there is no tackling in flag football.
  • It can be played by anyone of any age, male or female and you don’t need much to get yourself started.
  • Flag Football is now part of School Games and can be played in both primary and secondary schools.
  • It is a game that relies on teamwork, so there are a lot of educational elements to flag including communication and dependence on others as well as responsibility for your actions.

Do you want to play flag?

We teach flag football across the South East of England while we work with clubs across the whole of the country to help develop their player base. If you want to start your school on its American Football journey then contact us about taster sessions.