Primary school thoughts on flag

We love getting feedback from schools and hearing how much the children we coach love playing American Football.

One of our primary schools in Buckinghamshire asked their Year 4 pupils to provide us with some feedback on their most recent block of coaching and it was lovely hearing how much they are learning.

Getting training!

“In American Football we played quite a few interesting games. Our coach’s name was Matt. In our warm up we had to do a lot of exercise including running backwards! Once we also had five areas and in them we did lot’s of different things. We played sharks and fish,everyone’s it, we played mini matches and we practised throwing the ball. The ball is shaped like an oval and looks a bit like a rugby ball. There are lines at each end of the ball that are like bumps sticking out a little bit from the ball. You can put your fingers between these lines and that is how you hold the ball then you can throw the ball. The way you can catch the ball is you have to make a diamond shape with your fingers and then the pointy end of the ball is caught through the diamond.”

We’re back next term to teach another year group and hope to bring another new group of enthusiastic young players!