Sandwell Steelers Women

This month we welcome the Sandwell Steelers Women’s programme. Like many of the women’s programs across the country, it’s a team in it’s infancy but one part of a wider club and is building year on year. 

  • When was your club formed, where and who. 

The women’s club was formed in January 2014 by Lauren Mills (who is no longer with our team), we began training at Tipton Sports Academy, DY4 0BS.

  • What teams do you currently have. 

The women’s team operates as a division of the Sandwell Steelers American Football club which boasts three full contact teams, the women’s (17+), the Adult men’s team (18+) and mixed youth (14-17).

  • Where and when train?

We train at RSA Academy, DY4 0BZ on Sundays and Thursday evenings. We are currently in off season but will restart training in preparation for the Sapphire Series this October.

  • Plans for the next 12 months? 

The team is having a well earned break after finishing our third Sapphire Series in April, we will be holding taster days once a month during the summer in the lead up to October to welcome any new recruits and keep ourselves football fresh during the off season. The team are also holding monthly American Football Bootcamp fitness classes at some SLT gyms in the summer to help push recruitment. We plan to start back in October to train for Sapphire 2018; this last season the team went 5-3 and finished third overall in our division, we plan to keep training hard and improve upon this for the next Sapphire!

Action from this year’s Sapphire Series – Photo Credit, Andy Neale, Whizzyfingers Photography

  • Why should people get into American Football? 

American football is an amazing sport, it doesn’t matter what shape or size you are there is a position that would suit everyone. It’s a relatively young sport in the UK for women and there’s so many exciting things happening in the football community that you can get involved with to really improve and grow in the sport. When you join a team, especially one like ours you gain a whole football family and it’s something really quite special!

  • Clubs greatest achievement?

The Sandwell Steelers as a whole has gone from strength to strength since it’s inception but specifically the women’s team, our greatest achievement is that we constantly improve, year on year we’ve outperformed ourselves and we hope to continue to do so!

  • Why should people join the Steelers?

The women’s team train hard but we also have a lot of fun doing it, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never played sport in your life, if you train with us you will see yourself improving. The socials aren’t half bad either!

A great team spirit – Photo Credit Andy Neale, WhizzyFingers Photography

  • Favourite football moment? 

I think the teams favourite moment to date is probably our most recent win against the Chester Romans. We had already lost to them once in an earlier tournament and didn’t want to again. The team worked so hard in preparation and it was such a strong game of football and was incredibly physically demanding. By the end when we did come away with the W, half the team were crying we were so happy about it.

Pictured with Cardiff Valkyries in this year’s Sapphire Series. Photo credit Andy Neale, Whizzyfingers Photography

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