The fans in the football stands – who could be watching the International Series too?

With just under two weeks until the first game of the 2016 NFL International Series there will be fans across the UK will be looking forward to seeing their favourite side play, some of them for the very first time.

But what of the famous names that support these teams? With American Football being the No1 sport in America each club can boast some huge fan support from big international stars! Not chosen your team for London yet? Well maybe who their celeb fans are may influence you!

Sunday 2nd October – Indianapolis Colts v Jacksonville Jaguars

Well whichever match up you go for here, both sides have fans that are well known on the big screen. Bill Murray will be hoping it’s ‘Groundhog Day’ for his team the Jags when they do battle again at Wembley, repeating the success they had last season at the ground whereas Gene Hackman might try to see what sort of kryptonite will work against the Colts in the same way he tried to wield power over Superman!

However up against them they have the sharp with and tongue of former television host David Letterman while actor Rob Lowe will be hoping the ‘Youngblood’s’  among the Colts will be looking to take down the jags.

Either way with two games already played both sides are currently 0-2 so there could be a lot resting on this game in a fortnight.

Sunday 23rd October – New York Giants v Los Angeles Rams

A man who made his name playing for the LA Lakers for 13 seasons as a point guard, Magic Johnson is one of the biggest fans of the Rams and of course LA sport. Once it was announced that the Rams were heading back to LA with the news surrounding building a stadium in Inglewood, Magic announced he’d be on the phone sorting out getting a suite!

Magic Johnson was the first to sign up for seats at the new LA Rams stadium

Magic Johnson was the first to sign up for seats at the new LA Rams stadium

As for the Giants, well being in New York they have a fan base from a range of careers. Musically you could be listening to the sounds of Jon Bon Jovi or LL Cool J, film direction from Spike Lee or the acting talents of Queen Latifah. It’s fair to say though you’d be well entertained at the MetLife Stadium!


Sunday 30th October  – Washington Redskins v Cincinnati Bengals

Do sports teams attract sports players? Well if we consider a couple of fans of the Redskins then we would have to say yes! Kevin Durant of the Golden State Warriors NBA side calls himself a fan and for NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr, his love for the Redskins is so strong, he refused to drive a car that was painted in Cowboys colours. Now there’s dedication!

Only Redskins colours for Dale Earnhardt Jr

Only Redskins colours for Dale Earnhardt Jr

As for the Bengals, screen heartthrob George Clooney has long been cited as a Bengals fan in fact he’s such a huge football fan he acted and directed in the 2008 film Leatherheads about American Football in the 1920s. He freely admits he’s probably the only Bengals fan in Hollywood and he’s still willing them to great things. Two Super Bowl appearances but no Vince Lombardi trophy yet. But for real passion you might want to consider singer Nick Lachey. The former 98 Degrees singer hit boiling point in one game and had to be ejected after coming to blows with a Chargers fan. Let’s keep the action to the field of play please guys.

George Clooney in Leatherheads

George Clooney in Leatherheads

So, are you any nearer to a team of choice or are you going to sit it out and watch to see which team catches your eye? Whatever you choose, let’s hope your passion runs deep too.